They seek to save axolotls with an adoption plan

Iván Sosa / Reform Agency

Wednesday, November 23, 2022 | 18:03

Mexico City.- The ecological restoration laboratory of the Institute of Biology of the UNAM announced a program for people and companies to adopt, through financing from 200 pesos, an axolotl or a refuge to save them from extinction.

“A Christmas present can be: hey, I adopted your name and I gave it a name,” explained researcher Luis Zambrano.

Chinamperos and the restoration laboratory work in 48 refuge chinampas, in 5 linear kilometers of channels in Xochimilco.

“To keep the axolotls in a good quality of life in the colony that we have, it is very easy to have axolotls, but it is difficult and expensive to have them with a good quality of life, with an adequate temperature, without diseases, with a required diet,” Zambrano mentioned. .

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute adopted the first refuge for one year, while each adopted axolotl has a chip, in a scheme that can be renewed every month, semester or year.

Of the 6,000 axolotls that were per square kilometer in the canals, the last census reported that 36 survived per square kilometer, so Zambrano is carrying out a recovery program for the species and its habitat, the chinampas.

The options through the UNAM online store are: invite an axolotl to dinner, pimp the axolotl’s house, adopt an axolotl and adopt an axolotl’s house.

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