They seize 12 tons of drugs in one day on mission routes

Sunday May 15, 2022 | 8:29 a.m.

Drug trafficking does not let up on the missionary routes and proof of this was that in different operations carried out yesterday, almost twelve tons of marijuana were seized on national route 14 and provincial route 39.

After an investigation task carried out by personnel from the Technical Units of the National Gendarmerie (GNA), the most outstanding procedure was carried out by the uniformed officers of Squadron 9 of Oberá, who found 307 packages with marijuana with a total weight of 9,179 kilograms that they were being transported in a foreign-flagged truck driven by a man of Brazilian nationality.

The deployment was carried out on National Route 14, at the height of the town of Campo Grande. According to sources linked to the investigation, the truck of a Brazilian company had entered the Puerto Iguazú border empty.

In order to intercept the vehicle, the uniformed men from Aristóbulo del Valle began a deployment with the support of the San Vicente squad and then from Oberá where, finally, they managed to intercept the semi-trailer on the aforementioned national artery.

Inconsistencies arose in the documentation control as well as at the time of carrying out the pass with the anti-narcotics dog, which reacted as it usually does for the type of narcotic, according to police sources.

The vehicle was transferred for an exhaustive control and there they found the impressive load, distributed in more than 300 packages. The shipment was valued at 1,931,526,750 pesos and was transported in the Mercedes Benz truck, model 1935.

The uniformed officers seized the drug, the vehicle, two cell phones, 150,016 Argentine pesos, documentation of interest and arrested the person involved who was held incommunicado.

A second operation carried out by the GNA personnel was carried out when the uniformed officers observed an Amarok van approaching at high speed on Provincial Route 39, from Paraje 18 in the town of Jardín América.

1,124 kilograms of the drug were transported in a truck.

According to the sources consulted, when he noticed the presence of the uniformed men, the driver evaded them.
A follow-up was carried out where, finally, they found the abandoned vehicle. There, a search began in the area without achieving the location of the driver or the occupants.

In this context, the van was searched by Criminalistics personnel who found both inside the vehicle and in its box a total of 47 packages containing marijuana.

The weighing of the packages gave a total of 1,124 kilograms of the drug, which would be valued at 239,073,000 pesos.

Lastly, in the same area on Provincial Route 39, personnel from the Core Section of Squadron 9 of Oberá observed a motorcycle driven by a man who, seeing the force members, stopped and threw a red backpack. black.

They proceeded to register it where a package wrapped with packing tape was found that, according to the investigations, contained marijuana with a total weight of 5,295 kilograms valued at 1,402,683 pesos.

The Oberá Federal Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of Viviana Alejandra Vallejos, and the Federal Court of the city of Oberá, in charge of Dr. Marcos Alejandro Gallandat Luzuriaga, intervened in the operations. of rigor, kidnapping of narcotics, of vehicles, documentation elements of interest for the cause.

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