They sentenced an obereña for selling drugs in her house, the accomplice has been on the run since February

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 | 2:18 p.m.

A little more than two years after being arrested on suspicion of selling drugs in her home in Oberá, a woman was sentenced to four years in home prison at the request of an abbreviated trial recently approved by the Federal Court of Posadas . She must also face a fine of 234 thousand pesos.

This is Silvia Liliana Ramírez, 32, who admitted her criminal responsibility in the crime of “possession of narcotic drugs for marketing purposes” that, according to the investigation, she committed together with Roberto Carlos Biano (28), alias Tevez, currently declared in absentia and with an arrest warrant after having escaped from the San Martín de Tours police station in mid-February.

The couple had been arrested in a raid by the UR II Drug Addiction Division at the house where they lived with the declared fugitive, in Villa Barreyro, on Saturday, July 4, 2020.

During the operation – ordered by federal justice – the uniformed officers seized more than 1,200 grams of marijuana in different compartments of the house: 26 grams inside a bag, 50 grams in a backpack, 27 grams inside another container, 26 grams in 48 packages of different sizes, 929 grams in another package, in addition to nine marijuana plants, three cell phones and 24,170 pesos.

Beyond that evidence, a series of testimonies, videos and reports of follow-ups carried out by force in the framework of the investigation that took several weeks were attached to the file.

Biano was housed at the police station in the town near Oberá, from where he escaped, while through his defense Ramírez managed, months later, house arrest for which now, despite having admitted to having committed the crime, the single-person court in charge of the surrogate federal judge Jorge Bosch decided to maintain the benefit, authorizing departures only “in cases of urgency and/or when strictly necessary to carry out medical check-ups; it must be justified digitally within 48 hours before this Magistracy, and it must be officiated to Federal Police, for the purposes of controlling the measure, until it is incorporated into the electronic surveillance mechanism.

Ramírez was represented by the official defender Susana Beatriz Criado, while the prosecution was handled by the prosecutor Vivian Barbosa.

As for his spouse in the case, in February Judge Fermín Ceroleni declared Biano in absentia and in parallel ordered “his immediate capture, detention and subsequent lodging in any unit of the Federal Penitentiary Service, authorizing his temporary lodging in the police unit.” catch him.”

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