They shoot a man for selling the series ‘The Squid Game’

A young man has been sentenced to death in North Korea for having distributed in the country, via USB devices, the popular South Korean series ‘The Squid Game’.

The fiction, due to being a production of the foreign country, is prohibited any type of viewing, being considered a “threat” by the authoritarian and communist regime of the Asian country.

According to Radio Free Asia (RFA), several copies of the Netflix series were smuggled into the Asian country, as is also the case with other productions from the neighboring country and also from other nationalities. Government censors received the whistle that a group of students were illegally watching the series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk.

A high school student bought a USB stick with The Squid Game on it and shared the fiction with six other classmates. The young man has been sentenced to life imprisonment and his six companions must serve a five-year forced labor sentence.

Teachers and other workers at the center have been fired and expelled from the Party and could end up working in forced-labor mines. The man who sold the USB was shot.

This all started last week when a high school student clandestinely bought a USB drive bearing the ‘Squid Game’ series and watched it with his best friends from class, “a Korean service source told RFA.


In 2020, North Korea passed a law called the ‘Law on the Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture’, breach of which leads to a death sentence. Breaking the law consists of viewing, possessing or distributing audiovisual material or media from ‘capitalist’ countries.

The RFA also reveals that there was one more classmate sentenced to forced labor who was able to escape punishment by coming from a wealthy family who bribed the authorities.

Residents of the area denounce that there is also inequality in North Korea because there are parents who have money and power, so much so as to prevent their children from being sentenced to death, “the media denounces.

Earlier this year, another man was executed for selling CDs and USB sticks full of music, series and television shows from South Korea.

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