They stabbed an employee of an ice cream parlor in a fierce robbery in La Plata

Two criminals stabbed the worker of an ice cream parlor in City Bell and the young man ended up hospitalized, but fortunately he recovers without major problems. It all happened on the last Tuesday between 4.30 pm and 5 pm, when the victim was alone in the place and the assailants surprised him to rob him.

The ice cream shop Sherbet 19 and 473, in City Bell, it was empty except for a young man who was just covering another of his companions who was in the open. The thieves entered with their faces uncovered and displaying a knife to prevent it from moving or giving some kind of alarm and with complete tranquility they took everything in their path.

“I do not know yet if there was a struggle or if they gave him the two points for no reason. Then they took him to a hospital and luckily the doctors saw that the wounds were not deep,” explained one of the victim’s companions in dialogue with The day and added that at that time the entrance to the ice cream parlor was without the gate that they put up from 8 pm, although now it will be up even during the afternoon.

The criminals escaped taking a backpack, a cell phone and cash, although the sum was not disclosed. While they were driving away from the area in a white Volkswagen Saveiro van, the victim asked the neighbors for help, who took care of calling 911 and an ambulance took him minutes later to the San Martín hospital.

Police sources revealed that the neighbors described the vehicle in which the suspects were mobilized and although a bolt operation was mounted in the area, they were unable to find them. Now they analyze the recordings of security cameras in the area in search of the assailants, who are wanted in the framework of a case for “robbery and injuries” that was in charge of UFI No. 9.

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