They steal 5 Pemex platforms in one night, in Campeche

Sources of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex)they confirmed to the Milenio media, that they suffered a simultaneous robbery in five platforms floating satellites near Campechefor which they ended up obtaining a booty of more than two million pesos.

It is known that the thieves managed to take a lot of specialized equipment in the matter, and that no one from the company realized the theft until 7 am on Friday, when they made the first inspection of the day.

The list of things they stole was extensive, since they took possession of objects such as 40 ERA/SCABA (Autonomous Breathing Equipment) equipment; Along with this, two Haskei bombs were stolen, with a value of almost 2 million pesos; plus tools, tubing, and cables.

The Mexican authorities have not issued statements regarding these issues, and it was not even public knowledge that these robberies were carried out on Friday, July 15, according to their own investigations.

What platforms were stolen?

The thefts occurred on Friday.

According to the information provided by Pemex, the various stolen facilities belonged to the same location on the coast of Campeche, the Cantarell complex.

The names of the floating facilities are Akal-M, Akal-DB, Akal-T, Shil-A, and Akal-TI, but these are not the only cases in the year, since at least another 14 thefts are estimated similar to Pemex plants, a company to which Moody’s gave a low rating, as we told you in The Truth News.

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What is a Pemex platform?

There are 19 robberies throughout the year

These consist of oil constructions in the middle of the sea that serve to subtract all the oil from the aquifer, in their facilities up to 300 people can live, they are made of metal, and are found on the Mexican coast.

To support itself in the middle of the water, it has piles that are deeply embedded in the ocean, which makes the works totally safe, and does not run the risk of collapsing, for which the Pemex facilities must have a precise construction on their platforms. .

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