They stole a $200,000 motorcycle at the door of a La Plata bakery and were filmed

Two criminals took “a jerk” an expensive motorcycle from a bakery on 13 and 35, in Barrio Norte. The incident was recorded on security cameras in the area. whose images were delivered to the authorities to try to find the suspects.

It all happened when the criminals approached one of the entrance doors to the premises to study the movements of the workers. Immediately afterwards, they left so as not to raise any type of suspicion.

A few minutes later, one of them entered the business to order something to eat while his accomplice moved a few meters, with the intention of taking the motorcycle, Gilera YL 200, of the Chopera type, whose market value exceeds $200,000.

According to witnesses to the event, the thieves pulled until, without being able to pull it out, they took it “by shooting”.

It is expected that the Police can find the whereabouts of these criminals since their faces were recorded on security cameras.

Regarding the owner of the motorcycle, relatives revealed that he is desperate since that is his work tool.

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