They test anti-Covid spray that would cure in 5 days

Athens, Greece.- An experimental drug developed by Israeli scientists managed to cure 83 of 90 patients in just five days.

The phase two trial, conducted in Athens, showed that none of the participants treated with EXO-CD24, a nasal spray, needed to be intubated or connected to a mechanical ventilator, and no one died, despite the severity of their symptoms.

The tests were done by Greek doctors and sponsored by the Government of that country.

EXO-CD24 does not affect the immune system as a whole, but its over-activation -what is known as a cytokine storm-, which is what causes clinical deterioration in patients with Covid-19.

The study confirmed the results of a phase one trial conducted in winter in Israel, where 29 out of 30 participants recovered within days.

“The main objective of the trial was to verify that the drug is safe,” Dr. Nadir Arber de Ichilov, one of its developers, told The Jerusalem Post.

“We have not recorded any significant side effects.”

The third phase of the trial will be conducted in Israel with 155 patients. It is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

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