They tie up a night watchman to loot a construction site

They tie up a night watchman to loot a construction site

The area of ​​426 and 11th Street, where the robbery / web took place

The night watchman of a construction site experienced a night of terror at work, after two men broke into his workplace for criminal purposes. The incident took place last night at 426 and 11th Street, a few meters from the Ecological Park.

As this newspaper has been reporting, it is an area that is considered “hot” in criminal matters. Proof of this are the serious episodes that occurred a few weeks ago inside the premises. In one of them, a woman was sexually abused while in the other, a teenager was shot while refusing to hand over his belongings.

After these acts of insecurity, the authorities ordered a series of actions and changes aimed at prevention. But, apparently, the whole battery of measures adopted are still not enough to reduce the entrenched insecurity in this sector.

This time the target of the crime turned out to be a construction site. As the night watchman pointed out to the police, he was reduced by two criminals when he was going to the bathroom.

After approaching and threatening him, the subjects proceeded to completely immobilize him by tying the worker with ropes that they found at the scene.

After neutralizing it, the criminal activity began for these criminals who searched each space of a workshop until they found easily transportable and affordable objects on the black market.

So they seized a chainsaw, a grinder and other hand tools. They also took a 24” TV and the worker’s cell phone, which could be untied half an hour later and notify the police. Despite the lockdown operation they carried out, they were unable to find the whereabouts of the suspects.

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