They tortured and stabbed to death a horse a few meters from the Berisso municipal nursery

A cruel case of violence and animal abuse shakes Berisso and it is that a man found one of his horses brutally murdered a few meters from the municipal nursery of the neighboring city and set off alarms for the savagery with which the aggressors acted. The macabre scene caused great indignation and surprise, for which the police authorities are trying to find clues that will allow them to find the culprits.

As revealed, It was the owner of the animal himself who found the bloodstains that allowed him to reach the body of his horse, killed in the area of ​​18 and 156. According to what he told the authorities, he found the seriously injured body for no apparent reason, in the middle of the field.

Police sources indicated that it is believed that the animal was tortured before dying and finally stabbed to death. The shocking images show that the horse suffered cuts in the costal and inguinal area, as well as in the stomach, among other parts of the body; while part of his organs and skin were ripped off.

Shocked, the man did not take long to notify 911 and although an extensive operation was mounted in the area, it is still unknown who attacked the horse, why and how it all happened.

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