They try to explain the registration of foreigners in La Calera

Once the meeting between Colo Colo and Unión La Calera was over, the alerts were immediately lit regarding a possible regulatory irregularity on the part of the cement team. This is because the popular cast could request points for an alleged irregular registration of a foreign soccer player.

This situation was even more exposed once the match was over, when coach Francisco Paqui Meneghini answered the queries regarding foreign quotas for the second round. “We are going to decide it until the fourth date, until then we will be playing with the foreigners that we have at our disposal”, explained the DT.

The eighteenth date of the National Championship allowed the official debut of Sebastian Saez, the player entered in the second half and was decisive in the match. Sacha was not registered in the first semester and could only play international competitions.

By adding minutes on the court, the Argentine striker became the sixth foreign footballer of the Calerano squad in the 2021 tournament, joining Alexis Martin, Santiago Garcia, Matías Laba, Gonzalo Castellani and Octavio Rivero. Immediately, the question arose as to whether the bases of competition allow this situation.

As reported by Redgol and after talking with some experts on regulatory bases they drew some conclusions. “There should be no discount of points, but what the technical director (Meneghini) declared is unintelligible”, were the first impressions.

“A club can have in the general registry all the foreigners it wants. And of the general registry it can only qualify five professional foreigners for the tournament”they explain.

The greeting of Sebastián Sáez and Gustavo Quinteros prior to the match | Photo: Agency One

“If Unión La Calera removes Castellani from the five qualified and only leaves him in the general register, there is no problem. In the first round, Sacha Sáez was in the general register”they add.

“Now, within this window, in which up to three changes can be made in the squads, they castling. Castellani goes to the general registry and is not enabled, while Sacha Sáez is enabled “, they closed.

Colo Colo and Unión La Calera distributed points at Nicolás Chahuán | Photo: Agency One

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