They try to rob a clairvoyant and make them see their luck

Mexico City.- Posing as clients, two thieves entered a house where tarot readings are held, in the Municipality of García.

Although they were able to subdue the seer to steal his belongings, the victim took advantage of an oversight by the assailants to take a machete and managed to injure one of the suspects.

His accomplice shot and injured the victim and her daughter, to flee together with four men who were waiting for him outside the home.

The alleged assailant wounded with the machete was identified as Luis Ángel C., 18, who could no longer escape and was detained by the Police.

The man who reads tarot cards, identified as Abel Cristóbal, 47, and his daughter Jackeline Elizabeth, 22, suffered gunshot wounds, he in one hand and she in one leg.

A police source said that the attempted robbery was reported at 11:00 p.m. on Monday, in a house on Opalo Street, in Colonia Valle de San José.

Abel Cristóbal told the authorities that two men came to his house and asked him for a tarot reading.

When he was inside his house, one of them threatened him with a revolver, forcing him to lie on the ground.

Luis Ángel tied him up, said the victim, and since he told them he had no money, they beat him.

The thief who brought the revolver left the house, where his accomplices were, which Abel Cristóbal took advantage of to untie himself, take a machete and wound Luis Ángel.

The victim came out to confront the assailant, but the assailant shot him, wounding him in the right hand.

Tóbal returned home and attacked Luis Ángel again, it was said.

The armed accomplice fired again, hitting the victim’s daughter in the right knee.

Luis Ángel was taken to a hospital as a detainee.

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