“They turn opponents into enemies”

The coalition agreement is in place, the ministries are distributed, and one thing is clear: the traffic light has set itself major goals in the energy transition. Germany is to get around 80 of its electricity from renewable energies by 2030. It is currently around 48 percent. In addition, the expansion of renewable energy systems has recently progressed far too slowly. For comparison: From around 420 new wind turbines per year, the jump must now be made immediately to 1500 windmills.

So that the complete conversion of the energy system can now be a success, citizens in particular must be involved much better in the implementation, says Harald Uphoff, managing director of the foundation “100 percent renewable“. How can that go about why it is a lot more professional Mediators needs, and why the traffic light should definitely enable more economic benefits for the local people through the energy systems, says Uphoff in the climate podcast.

Because it is also clear: Populists, especially from the right, have the energy transition in focus. AfD politicians have tightened the tone massively, says Uphoff, “they turn opponents into enemies”. How that can be prevented and, on the contrary, the people stay in dialogue in the respective regionsin order to continue making valid criticism possible, Uphoff also says that in the yardstick. And another point is important to him: “Renewable energies are not the problem with species protection”.

The podcast is also about the EU Parliament’s approval of the mildly reformed EU agricultural policy. For the most part, the following principle continues: the farmers with the most land also get the most money. What has changed anyway, and what the new Agriculture Minister Steffi Lemke (Greens) can now do for climate protection on this basis Susanne Ehlerding from the Tagesspiegel Background energy and climate.

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