They wait 3 hours to receive attention for Covid in CDMX

Eduardo Cedillo
Reform Agency

Sunday, 09 January 2022 | 13:03

Mexico City.- Hospitals in Mexico City reflect the rise in positive cases of Covid-19.

People from the capital again lined up for the application of tests in addition to going to hospitals to try to receive medical attention in the presence of mild symptoms.

When Israel Aguilar arrived at La Raza, there were already 20 people trained and the wait exceeded three hours.

Everyone in her home had begun to experience signs of discomfort after the New Years holidays.

By 5:00 p.m., the wait was beginning to seem exasperating.

“The truth is that it takes a long time. Three hours now, I come from almost Santa Fe,” said Aguilar, 31 years old.

“Yesterday (Friday) relatives came and told me it was fast.”

José Lozada, 43, began with physical discomfort after five colleagues at work tested positive. Like Aguilar, he had been waiting in line for more than two hours.

“Nobody has come out to give us a report or anything,” he said.

“We’ve been around for a while and they don’t take care of us.”

The Hospital de InfectologĂ­a de La Raza, in the Azcapotzalco Mayor’s Office, is one of the 17 hospitals, of the 53 in the Capital, which yesterday were reported at 100 percent of their capacity in terms of general beds for Covid care, according to figures from the IRAG Network.

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