They want it from Italy and Spain: How much do you have to pay to take Brayan Cortés?

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Months ago, El Indio renewed his contract with Colo Colo, where an important salary increase and a considerable exit clause were stipulated.

How much do you have to pay to take Brayan Cortés?
© William Salazar.How much do you have to pay to take Brayan Cortés?

Brayan Cortés has lived a dream season, in which he was one of the figures of Colo Colo in obtaining the 2022 National Championship and has won a starting shirt in the Chilean team.

The remarkable performance that the Indian has shown opens the doors for him to leave for foreign soccer and thus fulfill his great desire to play in Europe. And precisely, from the Old Continent they say it is followed by several teams.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the 27-year-old goalkeeper is in the pipeline to reinforce Sassuolo and Bologna in Serie A in Italy, and also Elche in the Spanish League.

How much do you have to pay to get it out of Cacique?

Those interested in having the goalkeeper trained in Deportes Iquique must pay a large sum of moneysince months ago, he signed his contract renewal until December 2024 with the Cacique.

In this extension of his relationship with the institution, a considerable salary improvement and also a exit clause in case there are teams interested in their services.

According to information provided by the newspaper La Tercera, the goalkeeper’s new starting price was set at $2.5 million. In the event of a future sale, they will remain 1.5 million of the North American currency in the coffers of the Cacique and the rest will be for Sports Iquiquewho also have part of their pass.

Their numbers in 2022

Brayan Cortés has had a dream 2022, in which he played a total of 38 matches with the Colo Colo shirt, receiving 32 goals and leaving his bow to zero in fifteen opportunities.

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