They want to shield Wig: Colo Colo initiates efforts to renew Maximiliano Falcón’s contract

In the Cacique they are preparing to receive offers for their players, given the good campaign they are having in the national tournament and the good role that was shown, in several passages, in the Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana.

Colo Colo initiates efforts to renew Maximiliano Falcón
© Agency OneColo Colo initiates efforts to renew Maximiliano Falcón

Since he arrived in Colo Colo, Maximiliano Falcón charmed the Cacique fan. Even in that remembered game against Deportes Antofagasta he was a figure, taking a ball off the line and was a key player in the team that was saved from relegation in that fateful 2020 campaign.

When he took the shirt, he didn’t let go of it anymore. Wig has become a fixture for Gustavo Quinteros, who does not see his team without the 25-year-old Uruguayan defender. It is that, in addition, the former Rentistas has worked on his shortcomings and has further developed his strengths.

For the same reason, it was not strange that, two weeks ago, his name began to sound in Mexico. Although the issue came to nothing, the markets are already beginning to know the Uruguayan patron of the Colombian defense.

It is for the above that in Colo Colo they want to shield Maximiliano Falcón. Without prejudice to the fact that his contract ends in December 2023, in Black and White began efforts to renew their relationship and ostensibly improve their contractual conditions. As the journalist Daniel Arrieta of TNT Sports points out, there are no formal conversations, but there is the intention and even some calls to his representative.

But what is this armor about? Falcón’s contract does not stipulate an exit clause. In other words, if a club wants to have the services of the defender, it has to negotiate directly with Blanco y Negro, who is the one that will put all the conditions on the table. In this way, This renewal would probably bring with it the existence of an exit clause and, of course, a salary increase.

Another important point in Maximiliano Falcón’s situation with the club is that the Cacique has 50% of the player’s pass. The remaining percentage is held by Rentistas, the team from which the defender comes. Thus, in the Popular there is the possibility of buying another share of the Maxi menuas was the intention of the parties at the end of 2021 and that, finally, came to nothing.

For now, Wig and the Albos will have to face, precisely, the team against which the player debuted. The duel against Deportes Antofagasta is scheduled for this Sunday, August 7 at 6:15 p.m. and all the details can be found LIVE and ONLINE through

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