They warn that censored minister Geiner Alvarado is near the border with Ecuador

He caught a plane and left Lima. Geiner Alvarado, the now former Minister of Transportation and Communications, who is accused, among other things, of allegedly transferring 33 million soles for a work by a friend of peter castlewhich would have ended up financing his presidential campaign with Peru Libre, was captured near the border with Ecuador.

Last night the program Fourth power revealed a photo of the former Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation of this government sitting at a table in the company of other people in what appears to be a restaurant, in Catacaos (Piura).

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This after first broadcasting a report with the follow-up that was done, after it became known that Geiner Alvarado resigned from his state security, as did the former minister John Silva before escaping, then backtracking and asking to be reinstated.

The last photo obtained of the minister shows him in Catacaos. Further north, Piura, further north. it goes up (in the direction of the border with Tumbes) ”, commented the host of that program, Sol Carreño.

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‘He is on a trip’

Last night’s report showed the arrival of Geiner Alvarado to the city of Chiclayo, in Lambayeque, where his sister lives. When being searched by a Sunday reporter at that address, in the La Pradera urbanization, she replied: “She is not found. He is not here, he went on a trip.”

Percy Ipanaquehis lawyer, assured that his client “will never escape” and that he will return to Lima before Wednesday, the day he must face an exit impediment hearing for the Anguía case, for which Yenifer Paredes, sister, is also being investigated. of the first lady Lilia Paredes.

In addition, the lawyer clarified that Alvarado renounced his personal security to ‘save money for the State’, denying that it was because he had the intention of becoming a fugitive from justice, since about him ‘there is no element of conviction or audios or videos compromise it’.


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