They went out to a birthday party in La Plata and when they returned they had robbed their house

Criminals staged a daring robbery in a house in La Plata and robbed it while its owners were away. The episode was recorded between Friday night and Saturday morning at 86 between 30 and 31, after the family went away to go to a birthday.

Taking advantage of this situation, those involved entered after forcing one of the entrances and went through the rooms with total tranquility to seize cash, slippers, a 65-inch Noblex TV, another 32-inch TV, a 50-inch Smart TV and even a 9-millimeter Bersa pistol.

Once with the loot in their possession, they loaded everything into the citroen berlingo of the family and immediately fled before being identified. Hours later, when the victims returned, they noticed that the place had been searched from top to bottom and decided to notify the authorities.

According to reports, in addition to the belongings stolen from the house, Inside the vehicle there were also several boxes with boots, work clothes and tools.. At the moment, those involved could not be located, so they remain fugitives.

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