They were arrested, fled handcuffed and then fell to buy food

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 | 2:00 a.m.

Two criminals broke into a store in the center of Oberá, were identified and arrested, but once in the First Sectional they managed to circumvent security and escaped handcuffed, got a motorcycle and escaped through provincial route 103, although they were later recaptured.

The detailed sequence was recorded in a period that took less than twelve hours and starred Javier Josué R. (30) and Darío D. (18), both residing in Oberá.

The raid of the duo generated a strong shock inside the Regional Unit II, since it was the third leak in the jurisdiction so far this year.

Consequently, the authorities of the force initiated an administrative summary to determine the responsibilities of the case.

Likewise, the evasion of the day before generated alarm in the community, since the First Sectional is located in the middle of the city.

Those involved were recaptured in a grocery store in the town of San Martín, 15 kilometers from Oberá, where they stopped to buy food.

According to the Police, several packages with marijuana were found in the possession of the aforementioned, which led to the investigation of a Federal file for possession of narcotics.

Meanwhile, the Court of Instruction One of Oberá is in charge of the case for theft. Precisely, the original complaint against the suspects was filed on Monday, around 11:30 p.m., when the owner of a downtown store reported that two people entered his premises with a key and stole clothing and slippers.

control failure

The criminal act was recorded in the premises of Calle Córdoba 158, the same one that was raided last Friday by personnel from the Argentine National Gendarmerie (GNA) in the framework of a drug case.

In dialogue with the Police, Corina Soledad R. warned that observing the security cameras, she found that two people entered the store using the key to the main door, identifying her own brother Javier Josué R. as one of the perpetrators of the crime.

With the data provided by the owner, staff from the First Section managed to arrest the alleged perpetrators of the robbery, a procedure that included the seizure of several items of clothing reported as stolen.

Although the First Sectional does not house detainees in cells, those involved were transferred to the place for the processing of the case due to the jurisdiction of the area.

The suspects were handcuffed with the same pair of handcuffs in the secretariat sector waiting for the police doctor on duty, a circumstance in which they took advantage of the carelessness of the guard, running through the internal courtyard and jumped the gate that leads to the avenue Jose Engineers.

Once the leak was verified, different dependencies carried out search and raking tasks.

The escapees had time to remove their handcuffs and got a motorcycle with which they reached the urban area of ​​the town of San Martín, where they were finally detained in a pantry located on provincial route 103.

At the scene, the Police proceeded to seize a 160 cubic centimeter Yamaha motorcycle that would be owned by a relative of one of those involved.

recent leaks

On February 16, four men detained for federal drug-related charges escaped from the San Martín police station, dependent on Regional Unit II of Oberá. Last month two of the four were recaptured.

It was later determined that those involved had logistics and resources to plan the escape, since they had a cell phone with which they called a remís from Oberá who took them to Colonia Alberdi, where another vehicle was waiting for them. They even paid for the taxi driver’s trip.

On the other hand, on May 29, two accused of the crime of aggravated robbery managed to escape from the Fourth Section of Oberá after filing the bars and the steel mesh of a window of the cell where they were housed, after which they agreed to a internal courtyard and won the street. In the days that followed, both were recaptured.

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