"They were in denial": Boris Johnson accuses France of naivety before the Russian invasion

The former British prime minister also said that Germany had hoped for a quick war, even if Ukraine fell.

“In denial until the last moment”. The former British Prime Minister returned on Wednesday to the days preceding the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, last February, and criticized in passing the reaction of France then, but also of Germany.

The invasion “was a big shock of course, we were all surprised”, he explains on CNN Portugal“obviously we could see Russian troops massing, but not all countries saw things in the same way”, he adds.

Boris Johnson then explains that he “had no doubts” about the situation to come but that “the French were in denial, in denial until the last moment.”

For the Germans “it was better for it to end quickly and for Ukraine to fall”

He then puts a layer on Germany, stating that “the Germans, them for all sorts of economic reasons, really did not want to hear about it.”

According to him, “the point of view of the Germans was that if this catastrophe were to happen, then it was better for it to end quickly and for Ukraine to fall, and that I could not tolerate.” he.

Germany responded to the statements in the afternoon, with the government spokesman saying “the highly entertaining former prime minister still has a unique relationship with the truth. This case is no exception.”

Boris Johnson has been a strong supporter of Ukraine during his tenure, visiting Kyiv several times. Unlike Emmanuel Macron, he has refused any dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he has called a “dictator”, since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine at the end of February.

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