They will determine if they make a new trial for Pablo Lyle

Mexico City.- Judge Marisa Tinkler, in charge of handling the Pablo Lyle case, scheduled another hearing for Monday, December 12 to determine whether or not another trial should be held.

This Tuesday a hearing was held where Pablo Lyle’s defense exposed the inconsistencies he observed during the trial where the actor was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter on October 4.

During the hearing, the defense of the protagonist of Mirreyes Contra Godinez argued that the actor went into a state of panic due to the temperament of Juan Ricardo Hernández, the Cuban whom he beat in the streets of Miami.

As a consequence, the children of Pablo Lyle were affected by the acts of violence, which led the actor to prison for allegedly trying to protect them.

The arguments were heard by the judge, who at the end of the hearing requested that another hearing be held next Monday, December 12, so that in the following days what was presented this Thursday is analyzed and thus the Court determines whether or not it is done. another trial.

Regarding the case, lawyer Sandra Hoyos explained to Telemundo that Pablo Lyle’s pre-sentence report, where the possible sentence is reported, has not been made public, due to the motion requested by the actor’s defense to make another trial.

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