They will form a national tobacco table to discuss the problems of the sector

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 | 3:29 p.m.

The decision to form a national tobacco table was made this morning at a meeting held at the National Secretary of Agriculture, where its head Juan José Bahillo said that “it could be the most democratic and federal sphere to address the situation of the sector “.

The idea is that this new national table begins to function during the first week of October with monthly meetings that can be held in this city and also in the territory of the seven provinces that grow tobacco.

“Today, tobacco families across the country are going through the worst crisis in our history. And we will only overcome it if we have the support of different levels of the national government that have to take urgent measures. That is why the national table can be the beginning of the solutions we need because all the sectors of this production are going to be sitting there”, he explained to The territory Ricardo Saraceni, from the Association of Tobacco Planters of Misiones (Aptm).

Saraceni made these statements before entering the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation to participate in the meeting of the Commission for Economy and Regional Development. In this legislative sphere, the missionary national deputies are also present who accompany the claim of the tobacco producers of the red land.

“Here there is no crack or any political division. All the national deputies of Misiones know well the situation of our 12,000 producers who are knocking on all the doors of the national government so that they listen to the problem and solve it,” explained deputy Hector Barbarian.

For his part, the Minister of Agriculture of Misiones, Facundo Lopez Sartori, stated that “there is a long list of issues to be discussed that we hope will be resolved as we come to an agreement at the tobacco table.”

On that level, the official analyzed that “the main thing is to get all companies to pay the taxes that the Special Tobacco Fund (FET) supports, but there is also the issue of increasingly expensive inputs because they are dollarized and that is why the product it fails to be competitive. That added to an impoverished FET, which takes a long time to reach the producers. There are many situations to correct.”

Protest in Kaba

The tobacco protest began yesterday in different places in the city of Buenos Aires. A delegation of 250 tobacco growers arrived from Misiones, joining farmers from the provinces of Corrientes, Formosa, Catamarca, Tucuman, Salta and Jujuy.

The producers marched with posters and banners expressing the demands of this productive activity. They were in front of the Palace of Courts, in the Plaza de Mayo, at the headquarters of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (Afip), at the Secretary of Agriculture of the Nation and at the National Congress.

Tonight they will undertake the collective return to their missionary farms while waiting for the first meeting of the brand new tobacco table that cannot be ruled out in this province.

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