They will go out to harvest oranges through the streets of La Plata to help the dining rooms

Almost 200 volunteers from the Food Bank will go out into the streets of La Plata from 8:30 on Saturday to collect oranges with the mission of making jam that will later be destined for dining rooms in the region.

It is a harvest of wild orange trees “with the aim of making jam and that this product helps improve the nutritional quality of the food that the institution delivers to 124 dining rooms in La Plata, Berisso and Ensenada,” according to the NGO through of a statement. The collection will take place at 11 between 44 and 54 on the one hand, at 47 between 1 and 13 on the other and at 6 between 47 and 50.

The Misión Naranja project is a solidarity action of the Food Bank, which seeks to reduce food waste –taking care of the urban landscape and its afforestation–, with the aim of producing healthy food that impacts the quality of food that the organization delivers to canteens and community picnic areas in the region. The fruits will be collected with the corresponding tools and care, prior to sending them to the NGO, where jam will begin to be made in the NGO’s “Circular” Productive Unit, and then it will be packaged and made available to the public that wants to collaborate. with the organization or be delivered directly to the canteens.

When the city of La Plata was founded, different streets and avenues were chosen to be decorated with wild orange trees, which during each season of the year embellish and give aroma to public roads. This species of orange trees (scientifically known as citrus x aurantium) bears fruits with a bitter and acid taste that are not pleasant to the palate to be eaten directly, but they are the ones used to make sweets and jams and, every year, thousands of orange trees end up as waste in the street, wasting their potential as food.

Lastly, the NGO reported that those who want to collaborate with this mission can bring donations of clean jars or sugar packets this Saturday at Plaza Azcuénaga, where the harvest operations center will operate.

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