They will judge ex-barras de Estudiantes and ex-policemen for a shooting attack in the Single Stadium

A group of ex-bars of Students of La Plata will begin to be judged next month for an incident that occurred inside the Estadio Único for a Copa Libertadores match played on June 25, 2009. It is a violent attack with firearm shots and robbery to other students fansduring the match against Nacional de Montevideo.

Those prosecuted as alleged co-authors are the former police officer and former head of the Student Bar Carlos Fabian Giannotta (leader of “The Band of the Tunnel”), Gustavo Javier “The Rabbit” Molina, Ariel “Gordo Pelin” Evrett Y Carlos Garana Morales (all would be student bars), while the then police officers Osvaldo Americo Dominguez Y Miguel Lattanziowould be primary participants.

According to the record, that day about 12 “barra bravas from the local club, at least three of them with firearms – with the necessary participation of at least two public officials, one a member of the Provincial Sports Security Committee (COPROSEDE) and another from the Ministry of Security, who, abusing their status, facilitated their transit from the north to the south popular grandstand, burst into that sector of the stadium and beat up Sergio Bernardo Chans Salmantonknown as ‘The Uruguayan’his son and others who were there, snatching the flags of the Peñarol club that they carried with them, the cap and a watch, property of the first of them”.

The guarantee judge Paul Raelin his decision to bring him to trial, detailed that “Chans was cornered against one of the corners of the gallery and fiercely beaten by several of the members of the bar, while one of them shot him in the thigh.”

“While the wounded man was beaten to the ground, another of the aggressors, who would turn out to be the head of the Estudiantes barra brava, stole $1,000 from his back pocket,” is detailed in the judicial file that was investigated by the former Functional Investigation Unit Complex (UFIC) of La Plata.

In another passage of the resolution, it was stated that “immediately after the injuries and the theft of the flags were completed, the attackers gained the upper part of the gallery, a place where the aforementioned officials were waiting for them, who, taking advantage of their condition of such, again They cleared the transit to the north tribune”.

The magistrate legally framed the case as “doubly qualified robbery, for its commission with a firearm suitable for shooting, and for being committed in a town and in a gang, and injuries”.

The accusation in the debate will be in charge of the prosecutor Victoria Huergomember of the Functional Instruction Unit 3 of La Plata.

It should be remembered that Fabián Giannotta, was listed as a member of the Alcatraz bowling alley, in Berisso, where some idiots, also identified with the colors of Students, who performed security tasks in the night establishment, shot the young man dead. Juan Andres Maldonado. For this episode, former police officer Giannotta, Evrett and Garaña Morales were sentenced by the Oral Criminal Court V of La Plata to several years in prison.

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