They will monitor the assets of senators to avoid corruption

Considering that in Mexico the fight against corruptionfor the first time, the Senate decided to implement a internal alert mechanismthrough which an electronic system will be created to register the asset declarations of the 128 senators and 3,571 workers.

The mechanism will detect when there is no congruence between income and expenses that they carry out, as part of the verification of their patrimonial evolution.

For the development of the system, in charge of the company Ingenieros Mafur, seven million 772 thousand pesos will be investedalready with tax included, and this must be able to notify each one of the 128 senators and 3,571 employees who must present their patrimonial declaration and make them see that they have been omitted, if that is the case.

Senators will be monitored by an anti-corruption mechanism

The mechanism will start working in 2023

The mechanism will start working in 2023

Similarly, the system, which should be operational by 2023, should generate accurate statistics so that the Senate detects the level of compliance of people who receive salaries and fees from it, either as a permanent worker or temporary worker. .

The contract specifications state that the Senate wants the electronic system to allow alerts in the event that the reported income is less than its expenses (equity formula).

Automatic, random patrimonial evolution, comparing income against expenses. If there are no inconsistencies in the patrimonial evolution, the corresponding certification will be registered in the system.

As we have mentioned in other informative notes of The Truth Newsthere are numerous express requirements that the Senate requested from the company, including six edges related to the review of the patrimonial evolution.

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It requests that the system be capable of a functionality that automatically and randomly performs the patrimonial evolution (we will determine the percentage of the sample subject to review, as well as the period).

The type of statement must be distinguished (beginning, modification and conclusion), the exercise, if it is complete or simplified, if you are a senator or public servant, if you are a man or a woman, area of ​​affiliation, level, position, if you are hired for fees , if it was extemporaneous, if it is omitted in any (s) declaration (s).

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