They will present the play ‘El Teatro Mata’ in the Sala Carmen Aguirre de Fuentes

“The theater kills”, but not doing theater kills more. On stage sometimes life goes by, but the sacrifice made for art, on many occasions, is worth it, and it is enough to recognize the trajectory of countless artists who have stepped on the city’s stage.

The work of the same name by Edelberto “Pilo” Galindo is both a denunciation of the job insecurity of artists and a tribute to those who, despite everything, have continued with their passion, and during the month of August it will arrive in Saltillo thanks to the company Tribu Teatro .

“What the play talks about is what all of us who dedicate ourselves to the theater experience day by day. In fact, this is the case of this work, which was stopped on several occasions due to lack of support. I came here as an actor but due to production details, which are starting to get complicated, I took on a role as I went along. Thank God it could be done, but it was due to the need and the lack of support that is when oneself has to generate that type of how to do things, because we don’t have the how every day,” Juan Héctor Cortés told VANGUARDIA , actor and producer of the production.

$!They will present the play 'El Teatro Mata' in the Sala Carmen Aguirre de Fuentes

This show premiered last March, and was part of the “Bertha Leticia Villalobos Delgado” Municipal Theater Festival, under the direction of Diana Vela and with the leading role of Arturo Gatica.

“The important thing is the level of delivery. That is to say, I practically with everyone, unfortunately many colleagues have already left, but it is not about giving testimony, if not about being renewed and until the body endures, “added the actor.


The director and the cast members agreed on an observation made by the author when Vela spoke with him at the time of requesting the rights, and that is that they consider that the local theater is not valued enough, the public turns to proposals from outside , with actors they see in film and television, and do not recognize the talent that exists in their own lands

“The main character is a teacher, an actor, director, who gave his life to the theater and who is not rich. He is a poor man. Although he was recognized in his time, and perhaps some vaguely recognize him, he is in misery. Pilo Galindo portrays in the work all these memories and all these characters that the actor played”, said Vela.

$!They will present the play 'El Teatro Mata' in the Sala Carmen Aguirre de Fuentes

But despite how pessimistic its message could be, the work also has a song, written and performed by the actor and musician Antonio Malmor, whose lyrics reflect the moment in which an artist wonders if it is worth sacrificing so much for the art.


In addition to this, it also pays homage to the theater itself and to the Coahuila theater artists who for decades have created an entire scenic tradition in the region. We will thus find winks and sequences of works “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett, “Invasores” by Egon Wolf, “Dulces Compañías” by Oscar Liera and “Las Maids” by Jean Genet, as well as mentions to the actors and directors Doña Carmen Aguirre de Fuentes, pioneer of theater in Saltillo, Lupina Soto, Lourdes Valdés, Jesús Valdés, Alejandro Santiex, Naty Molina and Leticia Villalobos, among many others.

“El Teatro Mata” will be in season every Thursday and Friday in August at 8:00 p.m. in the Sala Carmen Aguirre de Fuentes de Radio Concierto. The entrance has a cost of 150 pesos.

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