They will show intimacy of Pedro Infante in bioseries

Mexico City.- To tell the story of Pedro Infante in a bioseries, producer Rubén Galindo has dedicated three years to rigorous research.

The intention, he said, is to transcend his iconic films and characters like Pepe el Toro to show a more human version of the “Idol of Guamúchil.”

“I hope that the objectives of surprising with the intimacy of the life of a surprising man are achieved. Pedro’s whole life is enigmatic, he is a character with a very great load of Mexicanness, but also a man who is born in an ordinary family.

“He came from a town in a corner of Culiacán at a time when it was very difficult to escape your social condition. With just the fourth year of primary school, he came to Mexico, conquered the radio, the cinema and the whole world with his characters and songs. No only that, it becomes immortal”, reflected Galindo in an interview.

The man behind projects like The Challenger and Little Giants has interviewed relatives and has assembled a team of biographers, historians and writers. The script is ready and he hopes to film it next year.

For his production, Galindo wants to find a balance between the details before he became a celebrity and the world he entered after starring in films such as Nosotros los Pobres, Dos Tipos de Atención and Los Tres Huastecos.

“He was a child born into a family in which there were 14 siblings and a mother who had to work to bring the family forward because the father was not always there. He was a musician who had to go out and earn his bread throughout the Republic,” he stressed.

“It is a very beautiful, moving, funny and revealing story of a man with many dreams, ambitions, but above all with a humility that accompanied him from the beginning to the end. It has a lot of popular roots, but also a halo of great glamour” , he highlighted.

His bioseries will also address the relationship that Infante had with presidents, governors, businessmen and international artists.

Galindo already has in mind who could be his protagonist, but he still needs to be approved by Televisa and Vix, the company’s new platform.

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