They would have seen the young woman who took a remís and disappeared on a security camera

eliana isabella pacheco is a young woman 24 years who is being searched for in La Plata and the region since last Sunday, after being seized and removed and subsequently disappeared. Her family searches for her incessantly and an image of her that would have captured her in the area of 208 and 52, where there is a fair that she was going to and they show her out of danger, opens expectations in her family. Nevertheless, the phone is still turned off and without giving signs of life.

The family you live with Lisandro Olmos indicated that the last time they saw her was when she left her home located in 161 between 49 and 50. As they indicated, he was going to go to that event in a remís and until now they did not know if he had reached his destination. The truth is that with a security camera they believe they have verified that he managed to get therewhich opens the door to new hypotheses and evidence in the case.

His family members say that Around 7:20 p.m. on Sunday they began to write to her on WhatsApp, but none of the messages reached her and that is why it is believed that the young woman had her cell phone turned off..

On camera videos Eliana appears chatting with another person, although it is not observed that she makes gestures of discomfort or as a sign of fear, which makes us believe that it was not a dangerous situation, although there are still no confirmations about it. Meanwhile, the case labeled “whereabouts investigation” is under investigation and the police are focused on finding the trace of the person.

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