Thierry Olive (ADP) says too much about his life with Annie (VIDEO)

Thierry Olive does not have his tongue in his pocket. In 2012, M6 viewers discovered, in season 7 of Love is in the meadow, the dairy cow breeder based in Sarthe. It was after the death of his wife Nathalie, following a brain tumor, that the farmer decided to find a person with whom to share his life. Mission accomplished for him, who now spins the perfect love with Annie, met on the show, and whom he married on September 15, 2012. Since then, everything seems to be going well for Thierry Olive on the heart side. Ten years later, he is still married and very happy, as he assured in TPMP PeopleSaturday, May 14, 2022.

“We put away the little tool”

Asked about his “daily” with Annie, Thierry Olive was even pushed by Matthieu Delormeau to make some intimate secrets about his couple. “Let’s get up and make love?” asked the host of C8, before receiving a cash response from the farmer. We kind of put away the little tool in the drawer, he confided, provoking bewildered reactions from columnists and other guests. Astonished, Matthieu Delormeau ordered him to take it out to “don’t let it rust”even comparing this “little tool” to a pruner. But according to Thierry Olive, who was the victim of a road accident last February, it is better to go slowly.

The regret of Thierry Olive with Annie

The farmer therefore now seems to be well settled in love with Annie, although they do not have children together, as he recalled in TPMP People. If he is the father of a daughter, born from his first marriage, Thierry Olive has often regretted, during his appearances on television, not being able to found a blended family with his wife, “older” than him. “I have a problem, it’s that we never had a child. I took steps to adopt but it’s a terrible headache today”he had thus confided, saddened, in 2020, when he was the guest of Do not touch My TV. Before adding: “When there are small children who are in misery, we could help them because I love children. My wife looks after children. She looks after a little girl, I am her dad but the dad of the farm”he then specified.

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