Third covid vaccine dose for anyone over the age of 18 – the oldest are vaccinated first

Vaccinations of the third dose are currently being carried out in nursing homes, those with home care services and people with home health care, as well as everyone over the age of 65. In parallel with this, staff in special housing, home care and home health care are also vaccinated.

High vaccination rate

When vaccination coverage in the county is over 80 percent for the group 65-79 years, dose three will be offered to medical risk groups and to people between 50 and 64 years.

At the same time, we need to have as high a vaccination rate as possible because there is a risk of increasing the spread of infection, says David Edenvik, assistant infection control doctor in a press release.

The third dose will be given at least six months after the second dose for people under 65 years of age. For older people, the third dose should be given at least five months after the second.

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Who should get the vaccine first – and shouldn’t everyone get a third dose of the vaccine? Jan Holmgren explains what the Academy of Sciences says about the matter. Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall / Pontus Lundahl / TT

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