Third dose: the French will receive a notification before the expiry of their health pass

INFO BFMTV – The Minister of Health must notably announce Thursday that it will be necessary to wait five months after his second dose to receive a third injection.

If you do not get the third shot, your health pass will end seven months after your second injection. Long mentioned, the inclusion of the so-called booster dose in the health pass is on the way to becoming a reality. Until now open to people over 65 and frail people six months after the second dose, the third dose will soon be open to all French adults from five months after the second injection, BFMTV has learned.

To warn the French, the executive will soon integrate a feature into the TousAntiCovid application that will alert people to the fact that their health pass is close to expiration for lack of a third dose.

2 months to receive your 3rd dose before expiry of the health pass

Also according to our information, the government is to announce Thursday that the health pass – in the absence of a third dose – will be deactivated once seven months have passed after the injection of the second dose. In other words, the French will have two months (between the fifth and seventh months) to be vaccinated a third time before their pass expires.

The Minister of Health Olivier VĂ©ran, accompanied by other members of the government, must present Thursday at 12:30 p.m. the list of measures to counter the fifth wave. A speech to follow live on BFMTV.

Benjamin Duhamel and Hugues Garnier

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