Thirteen gendarmes investigated for receiving bribes from soybeans

Thursday, November 24, 2022 | 3:34 p.m.

The Federal Justice is investigating the personnel of two permanent posts of the National Gendarmerie in Corrientes for their alleged complicity with an organization dedicated to smuggling soybeans to Brazil through Misiones, according to what El Territorio learned based on internal sources and documentation of the case.

According to what could be reconstructed, those investigated are thirteen members of the federal force whose cell phone was seized last week in the middle of a raid ordered by the Federal Court One of Chaco in different parts of the three aforementioned provinces.

Both posts are located on National Route 14. One of them is Cuay Grande, in the jurisdiction of Santo Tomé -the closest to Misiones-, and the other in the town of Tapebicuá, at its intersection with Provincial Route 155, jurisdiction of Paso de los Libres.

However, the voices consulted detailed that the suspicions do not reach all the personnel and that is why they all await the process in freedom. On the other hand, the characteristics of the crime did not allow the investigation to have direct evidence that incriminates them and exposes the maneuver.

The expertise on cell phones, their communications and contacts, which are in full process, will be key to determining the steps to be followed by the judicial authorities involved in the investigation.


As this outlet timely reported, the raid was carried out last Tuesday and in Misiones the procedures were deployed in El Soberbio, San Vicente and Bernardo de Irigoyen. More than 60 tons were seized in a warehouse, seven trucks and 22,000 dollars and more than one million pesos in cash, in addition to a ticket counter and documentation of interest.

Among the points where the force broke in, there was a farm with silos owned by the Institute for Agricultural Development and Industry (Ifai) located in Irigoyen, but which is concessioned to a company that produces balanced food. Also a hotel in San Vicente where they were possibly involved in the maneuver, although they were not found.

There were also raids on different properties of an agricultural company based in Resistencia and eight properties in Corrientes.


The investigation lasted eight months and managed to establish the logistics of the movement of soybeans from Córdoba, passing through Chaco and Corrientes and then leaving through Misiones to Brazil. Three people identified as the leaders of the organization were not found and until yesterday their arrest had not been reported.

The prosecutor’s office in charge of Francisco Sabalini ordered surveillance and monitoring of the large trucks with which the organization operated. The investigative units of the National Gendarmerie gathered sufficient evidence to establish a grain loading site in Concepción del Bermejo, Chaco.

From there, seven trucks moved along national routes 16, 12 and 14 until they reached the coast of the Uruguay River where the grains left without any control in large wooden boats.

The truckers had cargo documentation with information on the weight and origin of the apocryphal cargo, which were displayed at the different controls. Once they arrived at the final destination in the town of El Soberbio, the grains were conditioned in rustic sheds.

There they bagged the product to later transport it in smaller vehicles on the side. Follow-ups were carried out for four days, until the Monday prior to the deployment of the force.

The vehicles circulated at dawn, with a high-end pick-up vehicle that acted as pointer, raking the route to avoid police checkpoints and security forces, even to bribe the various security checkpoints. necessary, which put the magnifying glass on the strength of the federal forces.

In figures


15 raids were deployed in Chaco, Corrientes and Misiones. The force reported that 60 tons of soybeans, trucks and vans were seized.

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