This actor who worked with Victoria Ruffo, suffered a terrible disease

The successful and talented Victoria Ruffo has achieved a great career on the small screen, and it is that they recently remembered one of the actors who was the famous couple in a soap opera, but one terrible disease extinguished the dreams of this actor who was considered a soap opera heartthrob.

Ruffo has stood out in melodramas for his characters, one of the most remembered roles is “Simply Maria”. In that melodrama she played María López, who suffered the abandonment of Juan Carlos del Villar, a character she played Manuel Saval.

In the entertainment news we have shared with you that some celebrities from Televisa They tragically left this world due to illness or a terrible accident, but their participation in soap operas is remembered by fans.

What happened to the actor Manuel Saval, who worked with Victoria Ruffo?

This actor worked with Victoria Ruffo, but suffered a terrible illness

Cast of the telenovela “Simplemente María”

The actor suffered from a terrible and delicate illness. He died at the age of 53 from laryngeal cancer., disease suffered for more than 2 years; he lost his life on June 23, 2009. The deceased actor participated in “El Diario de Daniela”, “Carita de Ángel”, “Rosalinda”, among other soap operas.

On the other hand, his performance in “Simplemente María” has been remembered by users, through YouTube they have shared some scenes of the melodrama that he starred in with Ruffo.

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What is the name of Victoria Ruffo’s new novel?

This actor worked with Victoria Ruffo, but suffered a terrible illness

Cast of “Crown of Tears 2”

After a few years away from the spotlight, actress Victoria Ruffo returned to soap operas with the second part of “Crown of Tears”. The telenovela is broadcast from Monday to Friday on the Estrellas channel at 6:30 p.m.

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