This afternoon there will be an important meeting of the B&N board of directors to evaluate reinforcement

In the last hours the names of the Brazilian Diogo de Oliveira and the Venezuelan Fernando Aristeguieta have gained strength as the main cards to become the new center forward of the Cacique. Even from Plaza Colonia, the club that owns the Oliveira pass, voices have already emerged recognizing the negotiations with the popular cast and assured that they are only waiting for the formal offer.

However, the great difficulty, in this transfer market, has become the replacement of Martín Rodríguez for whom the coach albo only has one card and is his priority before considering new additions. For Quinteros it is Orellana and one more or else no one comes. Situation that has disturbed the interior of the leadership.

However, today all doubts should be cleared up since a new ordinary directory of the Blanco y Negro concessionaire will be held, where the team that will face the final part of the tournament is expected to be resolved. In that sense, the president of the club, Edmundo Valladares, was clear in pointing out his position.

We have a large number of trained players, a very low average age. Strengthening oneself in some positions with older and more expensive players, many could understand it as contradictory, but it does not mean that this is detrimental to a project. We are going to make any decision responsibly and we are not going to spend what we do not have “, said in conversation with La Tercera.

All doubts should be cleared this afternoon once the Black and White board meeting is over.

Edmundo Valladares will lead a new meeting of Black and White

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