This applies to the traffic after the bridge crash in Sveg

It was during the Tuesday evening that the crane truck drove into the bridge and caused steel beams to collapse. The accident has also caused cracks to appear in the construction, the exact extent of damage is to be determined by the Swedish Transport Administration in the coming week.

Tentatively, the bridge will be completely closed – even to pedestrian and bicycle traffic – until December 4.

Car traffic is still possible over the Mankell Bridge. The bridge is narrow, a combined train and car bridge, but is a way for domestic services and others to cross the Ljusnan.

However, heavy transport must travel on the diversion route via Älvros-Kårböle-Los that the Swedish Transport Administration has set up.

This is what it looked like on the bridge the day after the accident:

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See the damage after the accident on the bridge over Ljusnan in Sveg. The road now appears to be closed until December 4. Photo: Maria Broberg/SVT

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