This autumn fruit as well as being a panacea for health can be used in these fantastic recipes

Autumn is the time of pomegranates which, together with chestnuts and grapes, are the undisputed protagonists of this season of the year.

This fruit has so many benefits that, against the current, we start talking about its negative aspects. Although low in calories, just over 60, the pomegranate has a lot of sugars that, in the hands of a diabetic, it can become really dangerous. If, on the other hand, it is consumed in large quantities it can be toxic, giving dizziness, palpitations and excessive sweating.

Fortunately, these are all temporary things but which, at the moment, give us not a few worries. As mentioned, however, among the fruits, not only seasonal, it is the one with the most properties, truly excellent. This autumn fruit as well as being a panacea for health can be used in these amazing recipes. Having a high quantity of sugars that characterize its sweet taste, it can, however, be used in the kitchen for the preparation of first and second courses.

A fruit elixir

With pomegranate our intestines will thank us; given the large amount of fiber that makes it up, going to the bathroom will become a breeze. Likewise, our immune system will also benefit when we eat this fruit.

The vitamins that compose it, especially vitamin C, will increase the defenses against the viral attacks that autumn brings with it.

Thanks to its tannins, pomegranate is also useful in preventing the terrible prostate cancer, which mainly affects the over-50s.

This autumn fruit as well as being a panacea for health can be used in these fantastic recipes

As pleasant, fun and tasty as it is to eat a pomegranate as it is, by removing the grains or squeezing it, we are going to see 2 really tasty recipes.

Veal slices with pomegranate

We pass the escalopes in the corn starch and then cook them, on both sides, in a pan with a little oil, letting them evaporate with some wine.

Remove from the pan, reduce the juice of 2 pomegranates in the same pan together with some rosemary, then plunge the slices of meat back into it.

Once well flavored, serve with a few grains of this wonderful fruit.

Risotto with pomegranate

First, shell three pomegranates and squeeze the juice from the obtained grains.

Toast the rice with onion and EVO oil and good red wine; once the latter has evaporated, add the juice obtained previously.

When the risotto has absorbed the pomegranate, start adding vegetable broth until completely cooked.

Outside the fire it’s time for creaming, made with butter and Parmesan cheese.

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