This celebrity wins “Shall we dance” according to the betting companies

A new season of “Skal vi danse” is approaching where a new group of celebrities will be allowed to swing on the floor.

Several betting companies have now set their odds on the various participants, and several of the companies have agreed on who will be this year’s winner of “Skal vi danse”.

Both Betsson, Betsafe and Nordicbet believes that sports anchor on TV 2, Simon Nitsche (29), wins this year’s season.

Press photos.  Shall We Dance 2021 Promo Day 1/2 Nydalen

Press photos. Shall We Dance 2021 Promo Day 1/2 Nydalen Photo: Espen Solli

– I think there will be surprises

The bookmakers are pretty sure of Nitsche and will give you 3.65 times the money back if you put your savings on the 29-year-old.

Nitsche himself believes that it is too early to talk about a victory in August:

– It puts a little extra pressure on me. But I like extra pressure, because then I get sharpened, he says.

Nitsche tells Good evening Norway that he and dance partner Helene Spilling have a rule that they should not talk about the betting lists, but he has still seen some of them.

– My friends think I have received a favorite stamp and that I must take care of it, he says and continues:

– I think it’s a bit up in the air, because there are so many good candidates to win. I think there will be surprises, he explains.

In the last week, the sports anchor has peeked a little at the other participants’ training. Based on what he has seen, Nitsche believes that there will be a high level this year and that there are more participants who are serious this season.

Point out another winner

Should we believe the betting companies, influencers and author Anniken Jørgensen end up in second place with 3.75 in odds, and artist Øyvind «Vinni» Sauvik (45) in third place with 5.00 in odds.

Photo: Screenshot Betsafe

Norwegian gambling bets on a completely different winner than Nitsche, and has instead placed “Vinni” at the top of its betting list.

At the bottom of the table, and whoever is considered to have the lowest probability of winning the dance competition, is the commentator and lecturer at Kristiania University College, Elin Ørjasæter (59).

She is set up with 28.00 and 60.00 in odds at the various betting companies.

“Merr” among the trotting horses

Ørjasæter does not take it seriously that she has ended up at the bottom of the betting lists.

– Based on my CV, I think it is a good assessment. I would also place myself at the bottom, but I think they will lose their money then, she laughs.

The 59-year-old emphasizes that she sees it as a great victory to be on a betting list for dance.

– I associate betting with trotting horses, and that an old “mare” like me is on a list with all the trotting horses is sick fun, says Ørjasæter to Good evening Norway.

She has set herself two goals with the “Shall we dance” participation: to have fun and to get in shape.

CLEAR GOALS: Elin Ørjasæter has set herself two goals with the participation in

CLEAR GOALS: Elin Ørjasæter has set herself two goals with the participation in “Skal vi danse”: have fun and get in shape. Photo: Espen Solli

– I have never played sports, I am in the risk group for diabetes and overweight. Lately I have taken the elevator to the second floor. This is my chance to get in shape, she says.

Ørjasæter says that over the years she has only bet on her head and not done any kind of sport. But after she said yes to “Skal vi danse”, she has been on the treadmill at Lille Helsehuset in Larvik throughout the summer.

– My husband is fit, and he has been pushing me for 30 years to train. But it was “Shall we dance” that was needed for me to train, says Ørjasæter.

– Set me a childish goal

Nitsche does not dare to predict a “Shall we dance” winner in August, but has nevertheless singled out a participant who has surprised him.

– I’m impressed with Maren Lundby. We train together in the evening and tease each other. She works well, says the 29-year-old.

The sports anchor has also set a personal goal in “Skal vi danse”:

– I have set myself a childish goal of at least getting to Halloween week with costumes, he laughs.

– And be so good that I can go to clubs abroad on holiday, and surprise by offering someone a salsa that is not quite the “teddy bear club”.

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