This country declares the common cat an “invasive alien species”

a respected polish scientific institute has classified the domestic cats common as “invasive alien species“The institute did this because of the harm cats cause to birds and other wild animals.

Wojciech Solarz is a biologist at the state-run Polish Academy of Sciences. The academy’s Nature Conservation Institute manages a database of invasive alien species.

Cats were classified as an invasive alien species

He said he was surprised by the public’s reaction to the addition of Felis catus to the database. Felis catus is the scientific name for the common domestic cat, the database already had another 1,786 species included without objection.

Public anger, he said, may have come from the media as some media reports may have misinformed people that the institute is calling for feral and domestic cats to be killed.

Solarz described the growing scientific belief that domestic cats damage biodiversity, due to the number of birds and mammals that cats hunt and kill.


Poland considers cats ‘invasive alien species’

The criteria for listing the cat as an invasive alien species “are met 100% by the cat,” he said. In a recent television program broadcast by the independent broadcaster TVN, Solarz discussed the issue with a veterinarian. The veterinarian, or animal doctor, was Dorota Suminska.

She challenged Solarz’s belief that cats are dangerous to wildlife, who further pointed to other causes of declining biodiversity, these causes include a polluted environment and city buildings that can kill birds in flight.

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