This gaming soundbar is small, powerful and costs less than €30!

Black Friday has almost reached its climax, in fact there are very few hours left until the so-called “Black Friday”, that is to say the perfect day to be able to buy many products at decidedly reduced prices. In this article, we want to offer you an interesting soundbar, designed to improve the sound of your gaming setup. We are talking about the Trust GXT 619now available for purchase at the price of €29.99 instead of €39.99.

First of all, the Trust GXT 619 boasts truly compact dimensions, so as to allow it to be housed in very small spaces, thus setting up your workstation in a functional way. Going into its technical specifications, it possesses a power of 12Wideal for improving – as mentioned in the previous paragraph – the sound of your PC.

Trust Gaming GXT 619 Thorne trust soundbar

Being a perfect product for gamingthis soundbar features a light bar, made up of many RGB LED lights. Instead, as far as connectivity is concerned, this product can count on a double port, a 3.5 mm audio jack and a USB port which, thanks to the plug-and-play function, allows you to manage the lighting system.

In short, a product of the highest level, now sold at an advantageous pricewhich will save you some money. Clearly, our advice is precisely to buy this soundbar, and to consult the Amazon page dedicated to Black Friday 2022, the ideal place to look at all the promotions for this particular occasion. But be careful, to receive all the items on offer shortly, it is essential to activate thesubscription Amazon Primethanks to which you can take advantage of the fast and, above all, free shipping services!

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