“This girl does not exist”: the video game that an artificial intelligence created and published on Steam

This Girl Does Not Exist or “This girl does not exist” it may just be the beginning of a wave of video games created by artificial intelligence. In this case it is news because was published in Steamthe most popular computer gaming platform in the industry.

As explained in a report published on the website of Gizmodothis is a simple puzzle video game, but what surprises the game developers in the world is that the story, the illustrations and the soundtrack were generated by an AI.

For now, This Girl Does Not Exist only has one review on Steam and it’s not positive, but the story behind this title is curious and fuels the debate about artificial intelligence and the role it can play in developing video games.

The story of This Girl Does Not Exist

Translated into Spanish as “This girl does not exist”, this title was born thanks to a marriage. The report identifies “Mrspotatoes,” as one of the game’s creators called herself, who explained to the outlet that her husband worried that people “would hate and ignore it as if it wasn’t real art” or that ” perceive that there was no effort behind it.”

His optimism stemmed from understanding that gamers and the general public might be curious to see a “display of modern technology” and that gamers would not want to “miss the AI ​​bandwagon”.

For the developer, it was an advantage that all the art was created by artificial intelligence, but This Girl Does Not Exist required the creation of multiple attractive and persistent characters for the player to fall in love with, with their own story, voice and characters. images.

With the well-known artificial intelligence Midjourney they generated the images, but it was a trial and error process to verify that the indications worked.

I had to re-run many of the commands and try many times until I got a set of images belonging to the same person. This is something the AI ​​has to contend with”, he detailed.

The developers sent the game out to 250 streamers, but it didn’t get a great reception.

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