This is how Angelique Boyer got over the death of her mother

Angelique Boyer, protagonist of “Vencer Al Pasado”, recounted how almost 8 years after the death of his mother, he was able to overcome the pain. He made it clear that the family of his current partner, Sebastian RulliHe was very present in the process.

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The artist, who also participated in “Teresa”, specified that one of her friends gave her advice on the time of mourning and accepting what happened to her.

A friend taught me in those times a very important word: stillness. Give stillness to your feeling. There are things that you cannot change and you have to accept. You are going to go through all the processes, mourning is very different for everyone”, Boyer mentioned for an interview on May 12 at

Likewise, the 33-year-old actress commented that just a few weeks ago she shared time with her current husband’s family.


Boyer’s mother passed away on June 17, 2014 at the age of 49, after experiencing a series of complications and problems. What exacerbated the situation was a third open-heart operation.

In this sense, the artist specified that it was the support she received from her partner’s mother and sisters, Sebastián Rulli, who gave her the strength to move forward.

I think of my mother, I think of my grandmother, but I also think of my sisters-in-law, of Silvia, Sebas’s mother. So there are those women in my life that I know are little angels and that I always look for that cuddle in them, so I find it”, he commented.

However, he did not leave Rulli aside in the process of emotional support either.

The protagonist of Teresa with her husband Sebastián Rulli (Photo: Angelique Boyer / Instagram)
The protagonist of Teresa with her husband Sebastián Rulli (Photo: Angelique Boyer / Instagram)

He was very patient, he was really very supportive, a great friend at the time. I remember at the funeral he said to me: ‘Is it of any use to you that I’m here? There are a lot of people, I don’t want to bother you’”, reported the actress.

He also stressed that he was a gentleman in 2019 and that those kinds of details made him end up falling in love with him.


Finally, Boyer reaffirmed her refusal to be a mother, despite the relationship she had with her mother. This is because she is not totally convinced that she wants to have children.

He also noted that “we are living in very different times”, that there is still a degree of prejudice in society, but that in the end it no longer matters.

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