This is how Diogo de Oliveira plays, the 9 Brazilian that the Cacique wants

Diogo de Oliveira, a 24-year-old center-forward who currently plays in the Plaza Colonia de Uruguay, is the center-forward who is in the orbit of Colo Colo as plan B after the falls in the negotiations with Marcelo Moreno Martins.

The leadership of Blanco y Negro already had contacts with people from Plaza Colonia, a cast that comes from being champion in Uruguay, and from Charrúa lands they affirm that The offer to close the player’s signing is being studied.

Oliveira’s background is interesting, since Two years ago he played for the humble Comercial Futebol Clube, a small club in the São Paulo league, until leaders of the Uruguayan club traveled to close the signing of Leonai Souza, his teammate and current midfielder of the Uruguayan champion.

However, in addition to hiring the wheel they risked taking the striker, who dazzled them with his good game and contribution in the attack of his team, Background that he maintained in these years until he was one of the figures in the consecration of the 2021 Opening of Uruguayan football.

This is how Oliveira plays:

The characteristics of Oliveira are notorious, since stands out in the air game thanks to its 1.94 meters high. What’s more, It shows an important ease of shooting once inside the area, since with the ball, the feet are quite agile and technical.

Diogo de Oliveira was one of the great figures of Plaza Colonia in the Apertura 2021 title. | Photo: Archive.

The Brazilian attacker has played 43 games with the Plaza Colonia shirt, scoring 12 goals and delivering seven assists. In the last title of the Apertura 2021 he was the top scorer for his team with six touchdowns.

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