This is how FakeYou works: send audios with celebrity voices created by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence not only recreates images, but also voices. And the result can be a lot of fun, as we heard on fakeyou, a tool that mimics celebrities from both real life and fiction.

Thus, you can use the voices of Homer Simpson or Sponge Bob like some of the cartoon characters, like the football commentator Fernando Niembro or former player Sergio “Kun” Agüero, of people in real life.

“The technology to clone voices is already available, and the voices here are built by a community of collaborators,” explains the portal. “We’re not the only website doing this, and many people are producing these same results on their own at home, regardless of our work.”

Artificial intelligence in FakeYou

FakeYou has a base of more than two thousand voices that can say the message you want, just by typing it.

“Your brain was already capable of imagining things said in other people’s voices,” says FakeYou on its page. “This is a demonstration of how far computers have caught up.”

“One day, computers will be able to bring to life all the rich and vivid images of your hopes and dreams. There has never been a better time in all of history to be creative than now.”

People whose voices appear on FakeYou can ask to have them removed for any reason. For example, Mario Castaneda, Goku’s voice in Spanish for Latin America did.

So you can download FakeYou voices

To create the voice message you just have to choose the category or language. Thence, FakeYou refers you to more than 2,400 different voices in various languages, of which 163 are in Spanish.

The page even offers the possibility of dividing by themes (sports, movies, animated series, etc).

Menu for voices with artificial intelligence

Afterwards, the user writes his text and presses the button to speak. This is how you listen, what is written, with the tone of voice of the selected character.

With the red button that is below the area where the result is heard, it can be downloaded, to send it to the person you want.

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