This is how Gussy Lau presumes his work with the Aguilar Dynasty after the controversy with Ángela

After almost a month of the disclosure of personal photos of Angela Aguilar with Gussy Lau, it is not yet known if the relationship between them has been terminated. What has recently become clear is that the composer continues to work with the aguilar family.

Ángela is the daughter of Pepe Aguilar, one of the most important figures in ranchera music. Since she grew up surrounded by the artistic world, she followed in her father’s footsteps and has gained great popularity with songs like “In reality”.

Before the controversy, Gussy Lau had already worked with the singer, collaborating on the theme of “There where they see me” that came to position itself at number one on the “Latin Billboard” of regional Mexican music. However, he has continued his work on family songs.


The composer has not only worked with Ángela. After the release of the photos, he has promoted his collaborations with Pepe and Leonardo Aguilar. This despite the statements of a source to “” in which they cataloged having become involved with the 18-year-old singer as a “trust abuse”.

They opened the door for him and he took advantage of it by courting a girl. he is 33 years old” assured the anonymous source.

However, after his recent collaborations with the Aguilars, it is not clear how reliable this statement is. Gussy Lau shared through her Instagram account the songs she performed with Leonardo entitled “I couldn’t do it better”.

Go listen to this roll!”, he wrote in his stories on April 29.

In this regard, Angela’s brother spoke in an exclusive interview with “”. Basically, the singer decided to separate family matters from work ones.

One thing is the work I did with him as a composer and what happened afterwards, Angela has already made her comment about what you could ask her about it”, declared Leonardo Aguilar. “I wrote a lot of songs with him, some of them that made it to the record. That is from the work side and has nothing to do with the personal side.”.


René Lau, the artist’s real name, also did not hesitate to share his collaboration with his ex-girlfriend’s father on his social networks. The ranchero album “A la measure” was released on May 6 and the composer commented on the theme in which he participated.

Don’t talk to me about love’ is one of my best songs and it turned out really bad”, he expressed in his stories.

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