This is how inflation has come to Vive Latino

This is how inflation has come to Vive Latino

  • Soft drinks like Pepsi Black, Seven up, Manzanita (355 ml): $40 pesos
  • Bottled water (600 ml): $40 pesos
  • Energy drinks (473 ml): $90 pesos
  • Potatoes and chips: $50 pesos
  • Donuts: $40 pesos
  • Fruit glass: $60 pesos
  • Simple pizza: $80 pesos
  • Ice cream: $65 pesos

Food and beverage prices in 2023

  • 355 milliliter soft drink – 50 pesos.
  • Bottle of water – 40 pesos.
  • Beer (700 milliliters): 130 / 150 pesos, depending on the event.
  • Doritos – $50 pesos.
  • Individual pizza – $120 pesos.
  • Gastronomic offer dishes – From 130 pesos.

The inflation it has had a significant impact on the cost of living for Mexicans and has become an important factor in the country’s economy. In the case of the Vive Latino festival, inflation has increased the price of tickets and this has evidently affected the attendance of fans since not all of them have the budget they need to attend, simply for this edition it is estimated that one person an approximate amount of $8,500 pesos is spent, per person. If the per diem is taken into account, the entrance ticket, food and drinks, among other extra expenses.

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