“This is how quickly you can harm yourself”: Andrej Mangold needed psychologists

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From: Alice Plate

Andrej Mangold got professional help after the collapse © dpa | Arne Dedert / TVNOW

Participation in the “Summer House of Stars” cost Andrej Mangold dearly. The TV star not only lost a number of fans, but also many jobs. Now he is back and confesses that he went to psychological treatment during the difficult time.

Cologne – After the scandal in the “summer house of the stars” and the subsequent separation from Jennifer Lange (28), Andrej Mangold (34) withdrew from the public for the time being. The 34-year-old has recently returned. But the grueling time doesn’t seem to have left the former professional basketball player unaffected.

During an interview, Andrej Mangold confessed that he even got professional support for this reason. But there is no trace of pity among the audience. Extratipp.com * from IPPEN.MEDIA reports.

Andrej Mangold sought professional help after the summer house scandal

With his behavior in the “summer house of the stars” Andrej Mangold shot himself directly out of control – death threats and numerous financial losses followed. Because after the broadcast in 2020, not only did a number of fans turn away from him, numerous companies also withdrew from working with the TV star. The sudden separation from Jenny was only the last drop in the ocean.

Andrej Mangold does not find his return to social media easy.
Andrej Mangold does not find his return to social media easy. © TVNOW

You can think what you like about the 34-year-old, one thing is for sure: Andrej has had a difficult time behind him, whether he is to blame is an open question. In order to process the numerous events, he resorted to professional help, as he now revealed in an interview. “After my breakdown and the difficult time, I took advice from a psychologist,” Andrej told Bild. The sessions would have helped him a lot in leaving “the negative” behind and looking positively into the future.

Andrej Mangold is back – fans angry

A confession that is tough – but he cannot insist on the pity of his former fans, as is clear on Facebook. “He doesn’t have to go to a psychologist, he has to go to an educational institution where he’ll be educated!” Demands a user. “You can harm yourself so quickly,” is the devastating judgment of a second. While a third says: “You should ask yourself how much he contributed when someone else consulted a psychologist about his bullying.”

Fans have no sympathy for Andrej Mangold
Fans don’t feel sorry for Andrej Mangold © Facebook

Despite the damning verdict on the Internet, the former “Bachelor” seems to have recovered from the events both privately and professionally. In any case, the coming weeks and months have a lot in store for Andrej: From modeling to acting and moderating jobs. Hopefully he will be able to collect plus points from his fans with it. * extratipp.com is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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