This is how Surahammar’s new crime prevention council will work

Representatives from the Crime Prevention Council gather from companies, associations, organizations and municipal activities in Surahammar, Virsbo and Ramnäs.

Through a broad dialogue with residents and operators, they want to identify the problems and negative trends that are experienced around the municipality. In order to then be able to lift them further for any efforts and measures.

Some of the participating actors have also announced that they want to make crime prevention efforts.

– People often talk about the importance of citizen dialogue, to get as much information as possible from society. I think this is a good chance to get such a thing, says municipal police Andreas Olsson Ahlstedt.

– I will contribute information from the police, but I am also involved to create a picture of the situation that I can then take with me to the police organization, says Andreas Olsson Ahlstedt. Photo: Jenny Berggren / SVT

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