This is how the 16 seats will work for the victims

In dialogue with Hour 20 of Caracol Radio, Ramón Rodríguez, director of the Victims Unit, commented that it seeks to guarantee the 16 seats for “genuine victims” in the different jurisdictions. Here are some key questions Rodríguez resolved during the interview:

Who are the genuine victims?

It will be the 9 million victims that are in the Single Registry of Victims. In addition, he said there must also be a record of the victimizing act.

Who can be candidates?

Appear in the single registry of victims. Second, having been born in the jurisdiction of the seats or living there for three years. Another possibility, in case of being displaced, is to be in the entity’s return protocol.

What will be the cut-off date of the victimized act?

The date is contemplated from October 5, the day Decree 1207 was issued. However, he commented that this does not mean that the declarations that have arrived and are in the process of evaluation are left out.

What are the requirements for the military?

They must also be in the Single Registry of Victims where there are 388 thousand victims of the Public Force, the Army being the one that registers the most victims. It must also clarify who is nominating them and meet the other requirements to be a representative to the Chamber.

What will the voting be like?

It will be for each sub-region of the 16 established: the person will be able to vote for their candidate for the seat of victims and vote for the common candidate.

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