This is how the international press reflected the unexpected defeat of the National Team

Great expectations surrounded the debut of the Argentine National Team in Qatar. However, the unexpected 2-1 defeat against Saudi Arabia surprised the entire world and the international media picked up on the news.

“Historical firecracker”, headlined the newspaper Marca de España, which stated: “So much pressure at the moment translates into a colossal bump”.

The analysis of the French newspaper L’Équipe, where Lionel Messi plays, was also forceful: “Argentina falls from the top.” “It was crazy, improbable, and in the 2022 World Cup one of the greatest feats of the tournament has undoubtedly taken place. Who would have predicted such a scenario at the break between Messi’s Argentina, with a streak of 36 games without lose, and Saudi Arabia, the 51st nation in the world?”, reviewed the French portal.

The Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport wrote: “Argentina sinks, Saudi Arabia comes back and beats Messi on his debut.” And he evaluated: “The game was complicated, the Scaloneta played badly, betrayed by too many stars and the tension of the debut.”

“Saudi Arabia leaves Argentina dreamy” -emphasized El País of Spain-. A team with nine starters from the fourth-placed league in Saudi Arabia took Messi’s Argentina ahead this Tuesday.”

The Sun, from England, analyzed: “Lionel Messi fails in the big surprise of the World Cup and the favorites suffer their first defeat in three years.” “For Saudi Arabia, this is the most remarkable result in its football history and one that is shaking the World Cup,” he stressed.

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