This is how the negotiation progresses by Facundo Ferreyra

Colo Colo lives quiet days on the football field. Obtaining the Chile Cup allowed him to reach his first goal of the year, qualify for an international competition. In the National Championship he marches in the first place and begins to take advantage of those who persecute them and internally they are excited about the title. Above all, considering that the arrival of a new reinforcement would be made official in the next few hours.

Facundo Ferreyra is the Cacique’s target. The footballer reached a full agreement with the leadership of Blanco y Negro, however, his incorporation has not yet been made official. Do youMissing? Details, since Macul has already sent the draft contracts to the footballer, he and his representative must review the documentation and then proceed to signing.

In the offices of the popular cast they are calm, unlike what happened with Moreno Martins, who regretted at the last minute, this time the agreement is complete and there are no other clubs involved. At the latest, tomorrow, the officialization of the new white attacker will be made.

Facundo Ferreyra is 30 years old and the last seven seasons were held in Europe where he defended the shirts of Shakhtar, Newcastle United, Benfica, Español and Celta de Vigo. Despite coming without continuity, Gustavo Quinteros, hopes it will be a contribution to Chilean football.

Facundo Ferreyra ever closer to Colo Colo.

Another player who could appear in Macul is Alexander Oroz, the young white man is on loan at Sport Iquique, until the beginning of 2021, so Blanco y Negro must reach an agreement to end the loan early.

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